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The one shot movement podcast is expanding and, with a new studio and new education centre, we have also opened the door to sponsorships and also product endorsements.

Product promotions are products that I use and am happy to promote to my audience of listeners.

This week's product promotion is a marketing software called ScoreApp.

What is ScoreApp?

ScoreApp is a powerful platform that makes quiz funnel marketing easy. The platform is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. You can start by promoting your Scorecard to your potential customers through various channels such as email lists, social media, paid advertising, etc.

When someone clicks your link, they are directed to a professional landing page that explains the value your scorecard delivers. If they are interested, they can take the quiz which is made up of a short series of engaging questions.

After answering the questions, they get taken straight to their results page which shows how they scored and provides valuable feedback and tips to improve. You can then have an informed sales conversation with them, whether that’s a phone call or an automated email sequence.

How ScoreApp Works

ScoreApp has a wide range of features that make it easy to create and optimize your entire quiz marketing funnel right within the one platform. Here are some of the key features:

  1. AI Quiz Builder: Use the new AI quiz builder, a pre-made template or build your own and create an engaging quiz.
  2. Question Types: Add an unlimited number of questions from a wide range of question types and easily assign categories and scoring to individual answers.
  3. Category Scoring: Our category scoring system makes it a breeze to deliver broken down scores against multiple topics.
  4. Fully Customizable: Customize the appearance of your quiz with your brand fonts, colors, logo, and more.
  5. Deliver Powerful Results: Instantly calculate and deliver dynamic content to your leads based on how they answered your quiz.
  6. Score Tiers: Create score tiers such as high, medium, and low, then write different feedback and call to actions for each score and tier.
  7. Personality Results: Create a personality test by delivering different result pages or content based on the winning or losing category.
  8. Charts: Create insightful and engaging result pages with our easy-to-use chart page sections.
  9. Dynamic PDFs: You can even design, build, and email an entire dynamic PDF right within the platform delivering huge value to your leads.
  10. Beautiful Landing Pages: Quickly and easily create high-converting landing pages and start generating more leads than ever before.
  11. Flexible Sections: Choose from over 50 individual sections such as banners, testimonials, CTAs, etc., and easily build a landing page exactly how you want it.
  12. Full Templates: Not got the time to create your own page? Use our library of landing page and full scorecard templates to get set up in a matter of minutes.
  13. Multiple Pages: Increase conversion by building multiple pages to test different messaging and layouts or to tailor to different audiences.
  14. Data & Reporting: Gain insights into your leads like never before with our advanced data and reporting tools.
  15. Integrations: Integrate with your favorite tools to segment and follow up with your audience.
  16. Data Mapping: Map anything and everything across to your favorite tools using our direct and Zapier integrations.

My Thoughts on ScoreApp

I came across ScoreApp after my one shot movement podcast interview with entrepreneur and founder of DENT Daniel Priestley. Soon after Daniel launched the software product and I immediately implemented this into my business as a marketing strategy.

What was the attraction?

My first thought was that it was the perfect "value" lead magnet. When I refer to value, you could set it up and then your potential customer received a report which highlighted a number of areas for improvements or opportunities.

It works like this.....

Imagine you are a personal trainer, you have a database or client base. You could create a ScoreCard that would lead your clients to buying more personal training, or bootcamps or a nutritional program.

Then you can click a new scorecard, select a design that you like, then start putting together the questions that you would like to ask.

For example......

1. Do you exercise 3 times a week? Y/N

2. Do you drink 2 litres of water? Y/N

3. Do you do weight training? Y/N

4. Do you train by yourself? Y/N

Come up with 30-40 questions where your potential client will receive an outcome and then will receive a report that will highlight some strengths and weaknesses.

This also gives you a follow up opportunity for your potential new client for a review of your report.

My Personal Example.....

For me I work in business advisory, business growth, so I set up a ScoreCard, which had a series of questions that would help people with some ideas for business growth but it may also highlight some areas of opportunity.

Check my Small Business Growth Scorecard

You could do this for your existing database, or you could use this on your social media for new clients too.

New Features

In recent months the team have added a series of new features which makes Scorecard marketing even easier. The team at ScoreApp added an AI component that helps with question generation, email marketing, reports and even social media content creation.

Final thoughts

ScoreApp is a cheap, simple, and easy way to market your business. You can get super creative and add some real value in your reports. ScoreApp has flexible terms of use and it is a no brainer if you are looking at ways to grow your business.

Try ScoreApp with our special promotion with 50% off your first month Click HERE

To your business growth and success,

Craig Schulze



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