Becoming a market leader is critical for your success.

I have learned this lesson through both theory, and over 20 years of building multiple businesses in 5 different niches.

1. I started at 17 years of age winning 1 of 5 scholarships that allowed me to go to University all paid for and including being able to live without getting a job.

2. I was a multi award winning personal trainer including South Australia's fitness professional of the year.

3. I was a multi award winning business owner when I owned 5 fitness clubs

4. I was listed in the top 80 biggest influencers in a 200 billion dollar industry

5. I won the best salesperson in all of the Asia Pacific region for selling a youth enhancement system

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This course is about helping you learn from the best Market Leaders in the world.

It is a fact that if you are in the top 1%, 5% or even 10% as that market leader you will have more opportunities come your way.

Over the last 20 years, I have reached the top 1% of my niche in 5 different industries and as a result I have generated so many opportunities.

As a content creator inspiring and educating people to make the most of their One-Shot at life I want to help each person climb the ladder of market leadership in their niche.

Market Leader TV is a channel where you can learn from the best market leaders in the world.

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TRUTH, LOVE & FREEDOM: An Online Show To Help You Navigate The Fog And Thrive On The Other Side

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Over the last 20 years in business I have managed to hit the top 1% of my niche in 5 different industries.

Along the way I have found a number of common things that are vital to implement to have sustainable success.

Along the journey I have invested over $500,000 in my own growth so I can innovate and evolve to provide more value to clients.

My coaching is $30,000 for 12 months and that price tag is for people who are well and truly into their journey. Plus I only ever take on 10 clients at a time.

However, I occasionally run a short course for everyone who is determined to grow to greater heights.

This 5 week masterclass series really hones in on YOU. Helping you lay the required foundations for success.

Because your business and life will only grow to where you grow.

This series will not only be teaching but there will be project work each week to help you move from a consumer of information to someone who then puts that in place.

This course I recently ran live but the value provided and the raving fan reviews inspired me to offer it for a small fee where everyone can benefit.


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